Hey folks! I'm here again to ask for your help!

Ever since we stopped using Project Wonderful to advertised the site (back in January), the comic's readership has gone somewhat stagnant. Readership doesn't just matter because I enjoy interacting with everyone, but also because it increases traffic, and therefore advertisement-driven revenues. The more money I make, the closer I get to breaking even on the comic's costs, and can even consider adding more content to the site.

So to help change this, I'm putting forth two initiatives that I hope you'll take advantage of:

  • Bloomin' Friends! (link trades)
  • FREE 1-month memberships

For the Bloomin' Friends! initiative, it's pretty simple: if you find a site with fair traffic to accept a hyperlink trade, we'll link back from the "Bloomin' Friends!" section in the left sidebar, right beside the blog. (Links will be listed in alphabetical order.)

For the free, 1-month memberships, we just want you to plug Bloomin' Faeries!'s URL somewhere in an article or lengthy review on a website that has a strong readership. We're pretty flexible on what that means. If you have a doubt, ask me through EMAIL. And don't worry, you can even tell me on which site you plan on putting the link, I won't go ahead, do it on my own, and say "A-HA! Too late, I've already done it!" 🙂 I have a real interest in having people do this for real, and I don't intend on "stealing" the plugs just to "save" giving out a membership.

So I hope you'll jump in on the opportunity to get access to the site's membership area, and just share with everyone how much fun you have reading Bloomin' Faeries!

Thanks in advance for all your help!