As avid readers are likely to know, two things have been plaguing me of late. Well, three, if you count the utter lack of sex life, but that's somewhat the result of the first two, these days.

The first is the constant hard-on, which got old a while back. I've got a routine set up to "survive" it, but it's just not fresh anymore. For a while, I thought it might have some benefits. Hey, quick recharge and the (theoretical) ability to have 48 orgasms in a day is awesome, but you've got to score with a girl who won't turn away from you the moment she notices your crotch. (And for anyone interested, I WAS on my way to that 48, doing pretty good time, but skin can only take so much friction...)

The second thing is my iPhone, which has turned into the most powerful sex toy money can buy (quoting Brooke, here). Since I'm not using it, I left it with her for a bit (she PROMISED to return it CLEAN!!!). She said she might know a guy, Decker! Who might be able to fix it. Some kind of Apple expert. Let's hope it works, or I think I'll have to wipe it clean and restore it to factory settings.

And for those of you who've been wondering what Attitude has been up to, wait until I tell you about her new friend...