Hey all,

Sorry for the long break between updates. I've been spending a lot of time lately catching up on script writing for the main strip as well as members-only content. Considering 80% of the monthly revenues for the site comes from memberships, I feel I have to increase the value members get for their money. That means more exclusive content in the members area, and just regular webcomic updates for the non-members.

In case you haven't read the column to the left (Member News), we have a few more artists that have joined the exclusive comics section:

  • Ganassa
  • W.I. Guam
I'm also working with DeviantArt's CallMePo to create a series of strips based on yours truly (they're not there yet, but I'm just sayin'). It will be a comic-ified version of my misadventures in the early days, when Attitude became part of my life. And for those who are interested in steamier accounts of those days, I'm starting a series of ebooks that are slowly making their appearance in the Members Area.
And last but not least, I also have, now a "Bloomin' Reality!" page, where you can learn about the behind-the-scenes reality of creating a webcomic when you're only a writer without an artist. If I can do it, perhaps so can you. And maybe you'll learn from my mistakes.

So that's it for now. And remember, this is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Help a female friend and offer to check her boobs for her.