So Martine is now Martin. Has been for a few days, now, which is causing us no small amount of distress.

There's a few problems with the situation. First, all the biological parts, to which Martine is not accustomed. Like having a constant erection, for example. Martine likes guys, but her penis hasn't gotten THAT memo. And while her body is now male, she still walks and acts like a girl, which makes "Martin" appear flamboyantly gay. She still grabs my hand by reflex when we're in public, which, well... it makes me uncomfortable, is all. I'm not into guys. I should point out, however, that if I were, Martin would be my top pick. In the same way that Martine's female body is spectacularly hot, her male body is equally impressive. We're talking great pecs, awesome abs, awesome muscular definition, square jaw, piercing eyes, the works.

But hey, I just don't swing that way. Aside from that awkward moment after Attitude transformed her into him (a moment we will NOT discuss here), we're both clear on where the other one stands.

Also there's the matter of our "connection," which is still there. I can read her sexual moods quite clearly, even if she's in a male body, and I can push fantasies onto her if I'm not careful. Like yesterday during rush hour, in the crowded subway... We haven't had sex in days and she's been feeling quite... aroused. I noticed distractedly she was facing this very hot chick who had her back turned to Martin. She must have been going through a dry spell herself because I noticed she was fairly aroused. Before I noticed what I was doing, my mind drifted and I imagined her getting further aroused. And then, Martin's erection would grow harder. He would make a step in her direction, his bulging crotch a mere inch from her round butt. And then, it would just take one false move, and the needy girl would bump back into him, feel that hard manhood so close to her heated parts, and...

Martin turned to me, eyes wide with alarm, and punched me in the arm. I realized what I was doing (involuntarily, I swear!) and I stopped. Disaster averted.

But part of me still thinks that would have been kind of hot. What would have the girl's reaction been? Shock and horror, or would she have succumbed?

Maybe we'll find out...

"I'm doing it."