Morgan dropped by my desk this morning, asking me to follow her to  her office. I tried refusing, claiming that I had to finish editing some articles, but she would have none of it. She leaned over and dangled those hypnotic, jacket-contained breasts in front of my eyes, and said if I didn't do as she asked, I'd be in trouble for what I'd done to her two weeks ago. I swallowed hard. I -knew- this was going to explode in my face.

So I followed her docilely.

She closed the door behind me. And the blinds. Then she leaned back against the door, facing me. She was trembling a bit.

"I'm sorry for doing that," she said. "I HAD to get you to follow me, no matter what."

I looked at her, not really understanding. "What's going on?"

She undid her jacked and let it drop to the ground. She took a step towards me, unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse.

"I... I have to do this," she said, hesitant. "Just... just watch. Please don't touch!"

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She approached me. I could smell her perfume. She pushed me gently into her chair with one hand, the other reaching up to fondle a large boob.

"Don't touch," she whispered again.

She slipped a hand in her panties. I couldn't see exactly what her fingers were doing, but my imagination was running wild. She gasped for air, then uttered my name. "God I want you," she added. Her fingers tweaked a thick nipple through the blouse. "But I can't... Don't touch... Just watch."

She flung a leg over me, her foot resting on the armrest, and leaned forward. I could see everything she was doing. Her fingers were going into overdrive as she was pleasuring herself before my very eyes. I wanted to touch her, but didn't dare face the consequences.  She'd said no, right? But looking at her like that, vulnerable and in heat, I imagined what my hands would do to her. Her breasts, straining against the white blouse, were inches from my mouth. She tugged at a nipple, bringing it close to my lips. So close I could almost taste it...

And then she backed up quickly and froze, hugging herself as she shuddered and repressed her mewing. The orgasm shook her for long seconds and she fell to her knees, catching herself with her desk to avoid collapsing completely.

"Thank you," she whispered. "Now please go. We... we'll do this again."

I got up. As I passed her, I hesitated, my resolve to follow her instructions weakening as I smelled her female scent. She recoiled.

"Go," she insisted her voice barely audible.

So I left. Yeah. That was my morning for you. Now I'm beating myself up for not doing anything. But there's always next time, right?