Well. It looks like I made a big mistake yesterday. Justin's curse didn't affect him the way it was planned. More on that in a second.

You may recall the barbecue party incident from last week, and the resulting chaos that followed. Jennifer finally called me back to let me know she was all right ("I'm back to normal," she said). She was very apologetic for her behavior at the party and couldn't quite figure out what came over her (or why she got suddenly so "bloated in the chest," as she put it). I never told her about the faerie, but after what she went through, I felt  it was time to 'fess up. So I suggested we hook up for brunch on Saturday morning, at a cool breakfast restaurant near her place. It's a place where we've gone several times in the past, and we kind of have our favorite table, which the waitress always gives us when we come in.

The time we'd agreed on was about a half-hour after the scheduled time for yesterday's post (9:00 AM). I got there a little late, so she was sitting at "our spot," sipping her coffee. She saw me, smiled, got up, and we hugged.

That's when the first orgasm hit me. I crushed her in my arms and drove my hips hard into hers. Repeatedly. Like a dog humping her leg. I let out a loud grunt. In the middle of the restaurant.

Then the second orgasm hit me, and I did it all over again. It lasted a good while and weakened me enough that Jennifer was able to free herself from me, and raced to safety inside the girls' bathroom, where the locked herself in. I recovered just long enough to race after her and try convincing her to let me in, but she just yelled at me to go away. (Her actual words were a bit more crude, actually.)

When the third orgasm hit, the waitress was next to me, tapping me on the shoulder, asking if I was all right. A fourth hit me, then a fifth, and by then, the cook and his assistant were... helping me out of the restaurant.

It was a LONG bus ride back home. By the time I got to my place, I had lost count of my orgasms. I was greeted by my faerie, who was greatly amused by my predicament. She wasn't surprised. In fact, she angrily expressed her discontent at my labelling her "my faerie" in yesterday's post, and decided to make me the target of the spell after all. She's a free spirit, she says, and belongs to no one. If I was to refer to her, I should choose some kind of label or name for her, and use that. Right now, I think I'll call her "Attitude."

So I spent most of the day in bed, going through a spectacular series of climaxes while you jackasses leered at Justin's picture. I TOLD you to just look at the thumbnail!

Anyway. Enough with this. I have a LOT of laundry to do, now.