I've been pretty silent the few weeks because there just hasn't been all that much to talk about. The new job is panning out nicely, and the folks I work with (when I'm in the office, twice a week) are very easygoing and laid back. We're doing children's books, after all. (And before you go off calling me names because of the Albert thread in the past few weeks, rest assured that my work there is irreproachably pure and chaste.) And my colleagues are fairly conservative (they're also on average a good ten years older than I am). It's nice to be working in a totally non-sexual atmosphere...

Here's what's going on with the various people in my life:

  • Jennifer (and Jed): no news from either one since their rut scene in my apartment. Guess they're screwing each other's brains out...
  • Morgan: total silence. Even late at night at her apartment, there are no lights or any signs of life.
  • Zuri: she sent me a postcard recently. She's working on some kind of coffee farm in Columbia. Yes, regular coffee. Not drugs.
  • Brooke: she's living with Mandy and dating Roseanne. Mandy is still single and finding it hard to listen to all this hot lesbian sex coming from Brooke's room.
  • Officer Frank: no news from anyone about the hobo who owns the Funcam.
  • Attitude: she says that Countess Ylang-Ylang's investigation (if one can call it that) has not yielded any results yet. Soon, she says. Right.

And for those of you who are betting that I'm going to end up in bed with Fredrika (the sketch artist) -- come on! Stop fueling Attitude's mischief. I don't need yet another dramatic sex monster in my life. (Not that Fredrika is a sex monster, or that I have ANY clue what she is, really...) Yes, she did the sketch of the hobo, and yes, I took her to lunch to thank her, and YES, we went to see "The Black Swan" movie together, but this has NOTHING to do anything. I threw her phone number in the trash and I have no intentions of getting in touch with her again. So there.