Last night, soon after posting my last blog entry, I came to my senses. It took me a few minutes to relive the events of Monday night, and realize it had to be some faerie trick! I mean, I DON'T know how Morgan found herself at La Rose Noire, nor why I would think that it was my plan all along to have a threesome with her and Lana. Or -- worse yet! -- why I would have wild, non-stop sex with her for over twenty-four hours.

All I know is that there's no way I'd do anything like this. Someone must have done something to me, either a spell, or faerie dust, or some kind of magic philter, or SOMETHING! I've questioned Attitude, who blasted me for always accusing her of everything that goes wrong in my life. She TRIES to do things for me, she says, and I'm just IMPOSSIBLE to work with. And there was a lot of "fae talk" in there that was just gibberish to me, but I got the idea. I don't think it's her doing...

And Lana still isn't picking up my calls.

What a mess!