Just so we're all on the same page: I appreciate everyone's comments, and I take them to heart. At the same time, this isn't a popularity contest (we're not in High School, are we?) and I'm very clear (in my head) about what Bloomin' Faeries! is and isn't. Before I started this, I spent a good bit of time defining the parameters of the webcomic. There are stories I want to tell, fantasies I want to explore, and I'm going to do it no matter what. This said, it's important to me that Bloomin' Faeries! remains clean to a certain extent. It's meant to be "family adult" material. I didn't start this to do close-ups on male/female genitalia or to do money shots. There are plenty of sites that already do that, and probably do it better than I do. BF! is about exploring magically driven sexual fantasies. It isn't about the sex act itself, but about everything else around it. It's about arousal, resistance, some level of helplessness, and (to a much lesser degree) morality. Bad people get punished. And we get to enjoy their misery.

So to put a few things to rest: are we going to see ACTUAL incest? No. Am I going to have fun sexually torturing both Heather and Albert through faerie magic? Oh, you BET! So stay tuned if you're curious. And if you're not, I understand and respect your position. We can't always agree on everything. But I hope you'll stick around, there's more cool stuff coming up.