The last few days, I've been doing some detective work. Namely, I've asked Attitude to confess to her crimes against Lana. So now I know what she's done, and it's pretty devious. Like always. Fortunately, thanks to Mandy's help, we were able to get the truth out. It went something like this:

Me: Mandy, I don't understand what's up with Lana. She's got these crazy nipple pains several times a day, then she gets these intense feelings of nipple arousal every other day or so. Do you have ANY idea what it could be?

Mandy: Oh, yeah, I've read about this on the internet. Sounds like PAS -- Persistent Arousal Syndrome. Some women have that. It's pretty uncommon.

Me: Ah. Well, that's a relief. I thought it might be some kind of faerie curse or something.

Mandy: Nope. Just plain old medical condition.

Naturally, we made sure to have that conversation within earshot of Attitude. It was Mandy's idea: to pretend like Attitude's handiwork was nothing else than a medical condition. It would almost certainly bruise her ego that we wouldn't give her credit for the mischief, and she'd come out and brag about it. And sure enough, she did!

Attitude: You two are idiots! You can't tell art when you see it!

Mandy & I: Huh?

Attitude: It's all my doing! I made the swap.

Me: I don't get it. What swap?

Attitude: Her nipples and those of her friend, the one with the baby.

Me: Cathy?

Attitude: Whatever. So whenever someone plays with that girl's nipples, or sucks on them, it's your girlfriend who gets the sensations.

Mandy: Oooh... And since Cathy has very sensitive nipples...

Me:'s Lana who gets all the pain... or pleasure!

Attitude beamed with pride at our realization. Then we took some pleasure in crushing her satisfaction.

Me: Mandy! It worked! She confessed!

Mandy: I know. I love it when a good plan comes together.

And so now, we know precisely WHY Lana has been having these episodes. With any luck, the magic will eventually fade, and she'll return to normal.

Now, the ONLY problem I have is that Attitude was VERY upset with being tricked, and I suspect she'll want to get some revenge soon...