I've been unusually quiet last week and feel I owe you all an apology. I hope the summary below will explain why I've been out of touch.


I looked for Attitude everywhere in my flat -- no signs of her, but I knew she had to be hiding somewhere. Got distracted in the evening by Meghan, who showed up unannounced with one of her girlfriends, Cassie. Black girl, very athletic, dazzling smile. The plan was to go rollerblading in The Park. After 30 minutes, while Cassie was gone to get some water bottles for us, Meg and I hid in the bushes and started making out. Then making out degenerated into animal sex. Then Cassie returned and caught us in the act. She hesitated -- not long -- then joined in on the fun.

We ran away when the cops showed up, alerted by some concerned citizens. We relocated to my place and kept up our business for several hours. I was late for work the next day, but it was worth it.


Like I said, late at work. Morgan called me into her office and checked if I was all right. Which is manager talk for "I'm watching you." I answered that I was fine, my alarm clock didn't ring and I overslept. Which is employee talk for "I had a threesome all night long, last night, and can't be bothered to show up at 9:00 because it was ALL worth it."

She didn't press the issue, but reminded me that we had some pretty tight deadlines for the end of our fiscal year (June 30th), and I was going to have to get my work done no matter what. I said I'd spend the next few nights at the office to make sure all was delivered.

At night, around 10PM, Meghan showed up and surprised me with some take-out Thai. I was REALLY starved, so I ate with apetite. Then I got to the Thai food and had dinner with Meghan. Then we had sex on the photocopy machine and in Morgan's chair.


I got to work very early and did my best to focus on work. It was hard, when talking to Morgan in her office, NOT to recall what had happened on her very chair, the night before. It was harder still not to imagine me doing these things with her. And then came the big clue as to my current problem: the moment I imagined me having sex with HER with the whole office watching through the windowed walls of her office, I got hard instantly. I just knew...

I now have a fetish for sex in public.

Back home that night, I called up Meghan and we talked. I asked her if that kind of stuff turned her on before we met, and she admitted she'd always fantasized about it, but had never done it THAT much before. Now, she could hardly do any work. Everywhere she looked, during photo shoots, she was thinking of having sex with me on that spot. Or THAT spot. Or that one.

So it looked like Attitude got us both hooked on little fetish.


I was proud of having figured out what was happening, and prouder still to have gone one night without raunchy, public sex with Meghan, despite the pulsating urges pressing me to do so. I got to work early because there were still submissions I hadn't finished processing on Friday night.

I got back home mid-afternoon. My apartment door was unlocked when I came in. First, I thought I'd forgotten to lock up in the morning in my rush to get to work. Then I saw who was sitting in my living room, and I paled.

It was Mandy!

(To be continued)