Attitude showed up last night. I mean, she actually showed up and talked to me. I've known for a while she was back, just from the renewed mischief (and hot sex) in my life, but this was a visual and audible validation of her return.

She mentioned she'd been away on a faerie conference (they have THOSE? I mean, the little bitches are ORGANIZED! Heavens help us!). Then, she said, she said she'd had some fun with Meghan and I, and also with Mandy. She wouldn't tell me what she's done to Meg and I, but she told me about what she did to Mandy. She watched, too. Sounds like some of it was sexy, but for the most part, it was pretty cruel. I mean, Mandy's no angel (you KNOW what I mean by now, right?), but going through an entire mass having orgasms every time someone says "amen," I mean, that's harsh.

And I'm not even talking about rubbing breasts against Mother Superior while deep-kissing her... No wonder they threw her out.

Attitude says she'll talk about this some more in the Members Forum. Has she been POSTING on this site already? I'm not seeing anything...

She also didn't say anything about my boss Morgan. There's no mistaking the faerie dust, so either Attitude is lying, or there really IS another faerie around.

So I have SOME answers, but a lot of questions left...