I think I've found out something interesting about Attitude. Maybe it's something about all faeries, I don't know.

Earlier today, I was cleaning up Cleopatra's terrarium. (Cleopatra is my pet tarantula, if you didn't remember.) I generally clean it up every few months to make sure it's... well, clean. While I was cleaning up, I put Cleo away in the kitchen sink, figuring she'd be safe (wouldn't fall off the kitchen counter). Tarantulas can't climb stainless. While I was busy cleaning up the terrarium, however, Attitude flew by to see what I was up to. When she noticed the terrarium was empty (i.e. there was no tarantula), she paled and look around in a panic. She didn't say anything, but I know my faeries and this one was terrified. Finally, she spotted Cleo in the sink and flew away prudently.

"You shouldn't let that creature roam freely," she said, her voice breaking a little. "Those things are filthy."

"She's not free," I replied, "she's in the sink. She's not going anywhere."

Attitude shrugged.

"I can kill it for you, if you want," she offered. When I shook my head, she continued. "You like that creature?"

"Yeah, I do. It's not as dangerous as people say, you know."

"They're filthy," she repeated. "Maybe I'll kill it while you sleep or when you're gone."

And she flew away, not waiting for my reaction.

I guess faeries don't like spiders much. At least Attitude doesn't.