In my last post, I mentioned Attitude's new friend. Some of you would probably think she's found some new human to torture, but no, that's not it at all. I mean a real friend, in the faerie sense of the term (whatever that means). It's another BLOOMIN' faerie!

From the beginning, now...

Attitude has been pretty absent from my life in the last few weeks (months?). Sure, there's the occasional appearance, round of mockery, and minor curse, but by and large, she's been unusually absent. She then shows up, on Tuesday, with this new little faerie trailing behind her. She's not at all like Attitude, though. Where Attitude is brash, obnoxious and aggressive, that one is more timid and quiet. Naturally, no one would tell me her name, but since I insisted on calling her something, they said I should use "Minx."

All week, Attitude has been parading in the apartment, telling Minx about all my sexual misadventures, and showing her all the good hiding spots. From what I could observe, it didn't look like Minx did a lot of magic. She flew around, staying close to the walls, and was quick to dart away any time I tried to engage in conversation. She looked more scared of me than I was of her.

Last night, Mandy came over. We were supposed to watch Game of Thrones (excellent series!), which I'd downloaded for the occasion. Because of my erectile situation, Mandy and I have worked out a routine: I stay on one end of the couch, a pillow in my lap; she stays at the other end, on the right, and we put the popcorn in the middle. And so it was last night, just as usual. Except that about half-an-hour through the episode, I hear some tiny giggling coming from my left. From behind the lamp, both faeries are chuckling as they look past me, toward Mandy. I turn to check out what's so funny, and understand immediately what's going on. There was Mandy, just watching the show, not really noticing that her nipples had become EXTREMELY pointy. One hand had casually reached up to scratch the left one. Her breathing seemed a bit heavier than normal. Noticing something was wrong, she turned to look at me and saw where my gaze had settled. Looking down, she gasped and withdrew her hand quickly.

"Damn! What's going on with THOSE?" she said.

There was more tiny giggling on my left, but I don't think she heard it. Now that she seemed aware of what was up, it seemed like her nipples softened up and she was back to normal in moments. I tried to make some kind of joke to lighten up the mood. I didn't want her to realize the faeries might be messing with her. She might decide to avoid coming to my place, and then I'd really be mostly by myself.

"Ha! Looks like you're REALLY enjoying Game of Thrones!"

She laughed.

"Well, considering how YOU'VE been... afflicted, you like it a LOT MORE than I do,"

We joked a bit more and I tried to hide my growing concern that the faeries might be messing with Mandy. I hope that's not true, the girl's gone through enough already.