Folks, I'm moving out.

It's been long in the coming, but I'm relocating to Montreal, Canada, in a few days, where I'll be working as Lead Editor for a publishing house. And it's not just any job either: I'll be managing a handful of more junior editors. I've met them (two guys, three girls) and they're a cool bunch.

It's exciting and scary at the same time. I'm going to be leaving behind a lot of good friends, but also a lot of weirdness. Attitude and Minx are coming along,  but that's about it. Brooke promised he'd visit. (Did I mention he's back as a "full" man? Apparently, that was one curse that didn't last...)

So please accept my apologies if I'm silent for a few days (not that you're not used to this by now), while I pack my things and make my way to the Cold White North.

Anyone has been to Montreal before? Suggestions on DO's and DON'T's?

"I'm doing it."