An overwhelming majority of voters have expressed an interest in having their art displayed on Bloomin' Faeries! (I'm NOT calling it fan art because for some reason, I'm uncomfortable with that expression.)

So if you're interested in having your BF-related art displayed, I'll make a dedicated gallery page JUST for this (as soon as I start receiving some pieces). This is a gallery for everyone, and you get full credits & ownership for the piece. A few rules to remember, however:

  • The art has to do with at least ONE of the following themes:
    • Picture of a character from the webcomic
    • Picture of a character from the blog narrative
    • Picture of a situation related to Bloomin' Faeries!
  • Some artistic restrictions apply:
    • No intercourse! Not gonna happen, don't even ask!
    • Obscenities, violence, or anything highly controversial is not allowed; yes, this is a subjective call. If in doubt, play it safe or ASK
    • Naked breasts and exposed nipples are allowed, but other detailed depictions of genitalia are not allowed
    • "Bodily fluids" are not allowed (except saliva -- a bit of saliva is okay)
    • We reserve the right to refuse any picture that we consider distasteful, offensive, or otherwise not representative of the typical Bloomin' Faeries! content
  • All artists retain full rights to their art
    • Bloomin' Faeries! has automatic rights for web publication of any piece submitted, so long as it remains within the domain

I'm looking forward to see what y'all come up with!