Have you ever had a guest that needed a place to stay for a short while, but then just wouldn't take the hint, and stay at your place for an indefinite amount of time?

Me, I have Brooke.

This isn't the first time that Brooke stays at my place for a while. He's been between jobs before, and I've always been happy to help out. But that's when he was a dude. Now, he's this incredibly hot chick, but who keeps behaving half the time like a messy bachelor guy. That means when he's not remembering he has a female body when he wakes up in the morning, he just walks out of the guest room with only his pajama bottoms on, boobs all out, scratching his butt on his way to the bathroom, and gives me an eyeful without him even realizing what he's doing.

Unless, of course, it's all deliberate.

Lana slept over the other night. There was yet another nipple incident and she was over me like a shark on chum. I couldn't believe how... *ahem* anyway, you don't need the details. Suffice it to say she had to make a quick trip to the bathroom between two of our "sessions," and found herself face to face with Brooke's generous assets. Lana's a pretty sexy girl in her own right, but next to Brooke, she looks as flat as an ironing board. From what I understand, there was some mutual staring (not at each other's eyes, mind you), and Lana grumbled past Brooke to go take care of business. When she returned to bed, she gave me the cold shoulder and said she wasn't in the mood anymore. (Fortunately, her nipples disagreed, and it didn't take long for them to change her mind.)

So I'm thinking Brooke is very confused, and may be trying to get Lana's attention or something. Or mine. Yuck! That would be weird, with a side order of creepy!