On Monday, I asked Brooke if she could pass by on Tuesday night. I wanted to talk to her about the Meghan thing, but sometimes, the best-laid plans of mice and men don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world (or something like that). Thus, things didn't go as expected.

First, I was late. I was held up at work, so I was an hour late. Then, when I got to my place, it was dark. Mandy was supposed to be there, but she wasn't. Great. At least, Minx was there, in her little apartment above the fridge, looking a little bored. She immediately latched onto me, and no amount of shooing would rid me of her.

"Oh, Jaycee! I want to try something on you. It's a permanent-erection spell. You'll love it!"

"No way. Been there, done that."

"Aw... How about I give you boobs?"

"I'd rather not."

"Aw... You're no fun. Okay, then handshake orgasms it is!"

She just zapped me with the spell.

"Wait! What do you mean, handshake orgasm? For me, or for the other person, or both?"

But she didn't respond. Instead, a voice rose behind me. A female voice. Brooke's voice!

"Dude, who you talking to?" she asked.

Uh oh. Busted!

"N-no one... What do you mean?"

"You're kidding, right? I heard you, plain as day, talking about something, like some handshake orgasm. You weren't talking to yourself."

Yeah... That was going to be hard to explain. And seeing as I didn't have time to come up with a good excuse, I didn't say anything.

"You were talking to someone. About... a handshake orgasm?"

Brooke started moving forward, and I was worried she was going to try and shake my hand. So I figured a quick defensive move:

"Amen!" I shouted. Then again: "AMEN!"

The effects were instantaneous, of course. One of Brooke's hands fluttered to her forehead, the other reaching for the wall to steady herself. As the first orgasm hit, she barely managed to stand up, thighs pressed thight. The second climax built up in the middle of the first one (if that makes any sense) and her knees gave way. She dropped to the floor, then fell backwards, twisting like bacon in a hot pan. When she came down from the rush, she looked up at me with an expression I couldn't quite decipher.

"You bastard. That was a cheap shot!" She propped herself up on her elbows. "Awright, help a lady up, you jerk!"

I didn't realize the trap until too late. I reached forward and grabbed her hand, pulling her up from the floor. And I was hit by the MOTHER of all orgasms. I fell forward, right on top of Brooke (whose breasts nicely cushioned my fall), my hips bucking back and forth against hers.

When I calmed down, she looked up straight into my eyes. "You all right?"

I nodded.

"Jaycee, I think there's something going on that you haven't been telling me."

So yeah, long story short, last night I finally told Brooke about faeries.