So what was this slutscreen all about? Brooke and I discussed it, and quickly figured it out: it would gradually turn someone -- anyone -- into an increasingly horny bimbo. Depending on the starting point, it would take more or less sunscreen to make it happen. As I started from a male, it took more slutscreen to affect me. For Brooke, the transition was not nearly as big, so just a bit would make her come like a freight train.

Because we'd both had a go at it, we decided to call a truce: we agreed not to use any of our gadgets on each other for the remainder of the trip. Everybody else was fair game, and we could not refuse to be the other's wingman if asked.

Brooke was first to ask. She wasn't interested in the girl she had targeted, a brunette named Alexandra. It was just that while in the ladies' bathroom, this Alexandra had given Brooke this snobbish, "you're-a-tramp-and-I'm-better-than-you" up and down look. So Brooke asked me to "bring her down a notch" and (I'm quoting) "deliver her to me."

So later that day, while that Alexandra was away swimming, I sprinkled some faerie dust onto her beach towel. When she came back and after she had dried herself, I approached her. Her inhibitions were down, and it was a simple matter for me to flirt with her. I didn't use to be very good at it, but combining the help with the faerie dust with my faerie sight, I had her wrapped around my little finger in less than 15 minutes. That's when I offered to put some slutscreen on her (not that I called it that, of course). She readily agreed, and a few minutes later, she'd gone from a slim, attractive girl, to a Playboy-level model. (I was affected too, but since I was wearing a loose t-shirt, she couldn't notice the small breasts I'd grown.) Her arousal, already growing from lowered inhibitions and successful flirting, was getting pretty high, and I had no problems convincing her to follow me back to my room.

Where Brooke was waiting.

I ushered Alexandra inside, tossed Brooke the slutscreen, and closed the door behind her. I went back to the beach for the following hour, confident that Brooke would have her begging for sex within minutes.

(Later, Brooke told me she was offended by that expectation. "Minutes? Really? You should know me better than this, bro -- she was begging me to take her after 20 seconds.")

The next day, it was going to be my turn.