For those looking for news of Morgan, I'm afraid she's gone silent. No responses to my emails and she wasn't there on Wednesday when I visited Cherry Pick (again!).

Thursday, Brooke dropped by. I'd warned her that Attitude was back, but the two hadn't run into each other yet. Considering how much chaos Attitude had wrought in Brooke's life, I was concerned it might not go all that well--and make things worse for Brooke. But Brooke, despite all her womanizing flaws, isn't stupid, and her approach was surprising.

"You!" she exclaimed, feigning some shock at seeing Attitude.

The faerie eyed her warily. Her wings twitched a little, a sign I'd come to recognize as pre-curse hostility. Then Brooke continued.

"I've been meaning to thank you for what you've done," she said.

Attitude wasn't impressed.

"I'm sure you did," the faerie said, her tone dripping with acid.

"I mean it. First there was my other body, then this one--and this one is GREAT! But you know what, going through these changes has taught me a lot..."

Attitude raised an eyebrow, her posture relaxing.

"Taught you what?"

"Well, how female anatomy works... How it... y'know, *responds* to stuff. And the best part is now, I can REALLY turn a girl on, even without a dick!"

"So I've..." Attitude started.

"...made me a better lover, yes!" Brooke finished. "So I'm not kidding, I owe you a LOT. So thanks."

I watched Attitude carefully, wondering if she was buying it. Brooke certainly sounded sincere, enough so that I was tempted to believe her.

That's when Attitude shrugged, waved a hand in Brooke's direction, and flew away. A bright glow surrounded Brooke. It faded, leaving Brooke a little dazed, rubbing his temples.

Brooke didn't look like Mandy anymore. Brooke looked like himself. The male self, I mean. I had my bro back!

"Brooke! You're BACK!" I said, dragging him by the shoulders in front of a mirror.

"Holy shit! I'm ME!"

Then it hit him--Meghan!

"Oh shit, I'm me!"

Yeah, I thought, that might be a problem. From his female self to Mandy's body, then back to his male self--there was enough chaos there to turn off even Meghan.

Then Brooke got a suspicious look and reached for his crotch. His expression told me all I needed to know. The return to his male body wasn't complete.

From the cupboard above the fridge, I could hear Attitude howling with malicious laughter.