Last night, Brooke & I got together for drinks. He wasn't alone when I got there, however -- there was this girl with him, whom he introduced as Zuri. She's this foreign student from Congo or something. They got in touch with each other through (As Brooke puts it, it's a great way to sample exotic dishes.) Zuri is very sexy, but also very smart and completely fearless. From what was able to gather, there doesn't seem to be much she hasn't done (and whatever she hasn't, it's on her todo list for the next 2-3 years). She's done mountain climbing in Tibet, whitewater rafting in the US, ballroom dancing in France, tango in Argentina, capoeira in Brazil, horseback riding in Russia, winter camping in Patagonia, hockey in Canada, sailing in Greece, scuba diving in Thailand, karate in Japan, skiing in the French Alps, and so forth.

She has fascinating stories to tell, though very little about her country of origin. But that doesn't matter--she's a really cool chick. It wasn't clear from her interactions with Brooke whether they were just friends, bedmates, or something more serious. She was certainly flirtatious with me, but since my relationship with Meghan is going great, that's not an option.

Anyway, she's going to be here for the next 2-3 weeks, then says she'll decide where to go next. I don't think I could be quite that free myself. I'd worry about earning a living and all that. But her, nope. None of that. The future will figure itself out, she says. I don't know about that, but who knows. Maybe she's right.

What do you all think?