First off, I must apologize for the lack of updates here in the last week. I've been busy, but not so much with my real, chaotic, faerie-infested life. No, most of the business has stemmed from my efforts to improve the quality (and frequency) of the content of Bloomin' Faeries!

I feel it's VITAL that I make the site more popular, if ONLY to make sure all humans on the planet are warned about faeries, and the mischief they cause. I've suffered enough at their little magic-weaving hands, it's time for me to make a stand and stop their malicious ways!

Work with me, folks!


Anyway, a lot of the recent work (aside from providing more content to the Members Forums) has been dedicated to locating artists who'd be willing to make contributions to the public section in exchange to a link back to their own website. I have several very talented artists expressing an interest in doing this, which I'm hoping will make you, dear reader, happy.

One of the pieces I'd love to see is Sister Madeline reacting to the word "Amen." (Our faithful readers will know what this means... 🙂 )

Also, I've commissioned another artist to do a 5-page piece on the Breasts Burger BBQ that took place a few months back. It involves Jennifer (which reminds me I should REALLY call her up).

Aaaand because that's not enough, I've also been working with another comic artist to start another BF! strip featuring another character than Sir Thane. Again, our old readers may remember that I mentioned, some time back, that this site would always be about more than the single strip, and I'm hoping you'll be happy with the upgrades. And if not, please let me know what you both LIKE and DON'T LIKE so I can deliver great content that makes you happy. And perhaps a little naughty, too.