Tonight, Minx sat me down to give me a talk about the birds and the bees.

No, I don't mean the SEX talk. I mean, literally, she kept babbling about birds and bees. After an hour of this, I began wondering if this was going anywhere, so I interrupted her and asked if there was some kind of point she was getting to.

"Oh no!" She shook her head vehemently. "I just thought you'd like to know that stuff."


"It's riveting," I lied. "But what I'd REALLY want to know is what's in store for me, now that you've given me your name. How about we talk about that?"

"Well... I can't talk about everything, that wouldn't be any fun. Plus you have to figure some of it for yourself. It's different for everyone and it takes a lot of time. You're mortal, so you may never get very far. But there is ONE thing I can tell you, something that applies right now..."

That was getting interesting.

"Go ahead," I encouraged her.

"Well, if I'm really close to you, I can hear your thoughts."

Yeah... Not what I was really hoping for. The last thing I want is someone reading my mind. I have to admit, I felt a little invaded and wondered what I'd been thinking about, lately -- was there anything dangerous or wrong that I didn't want Minx to find out? No, I didn't think so... But it meant I'd have to be careful.

"Oh, no no no, you don't have to worry, I already know every dirty secret you have. Like..."

And she went on to talk about a few things I had on my mind, but these aren't things I'm really comfortable writing even in this blog. So let's leave it at that and get to the next part of the conversation, the INTERESTING part.

"But none of that matters, what's REALLY cool is that we could go out and have some fun together."

I frowned. That sounded... bad.

"What kind of fun?"

"I'm not telling. I'm a little tired tonight, but why don't we go out tomorrow and you'll find out?"

And without waiting for my reply, she flew up to her tiny apartment in the cupboard above the fridge and went to sleep.

Guess I'll find out what she meant tomorrow...


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