It's been an interesting few days since Minx gave me her mysterious "gift." Nothing unusual happened during the day on Monday, though, so I figured it might be one of her "triggers" or something. When I ran into her back at my place, later at night, however, I learned a bit more about what the gift truly was.

She told me her name.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, faerie names hold tremendous power by themselves, and ensure the loyalty of the faerie. (I'm not completely sure what "loyalty" means to a faerie, but I'm sure it beats being her pet.)

Minx didn't elaborate much on what all this meant, and how it would change our relationship, but she did say that she wouldn't lay any curse on me without my permission. And besides, she added, faerie curses (especially her own) wouldn't have as strong an effect on me as before. It sounds like knowing a faerie's name gives me a bit of a resistance to faerie magic.

So I thought that was pretty cool.

But not as cool as what I discovered the next day...


Tuesday, I went to work as usual. I did my morning assignments without any problems, then went to a nearby diner for lunch. I'm a regular there, so the waitress quickly seated me and confirmed I wanted "the usual" (which I did). While I was waiting, I began feeling a bit queasy. I'm not sure what triggered it, but hearing all the noise and people chatting around me made me oddly dizzy. I thought it might be something I'd eaten for breakfast, but it didn't really seem to start from my stomach. I sipped some water and waited for it to pass.

When the waitress came with my food, I noticed something about her that I'd never picked up on before. There was some kind of vibrancy about her that wasn't there before. She put the food before me and asked me if there was anything else I needed. I shook my head. She turned around and left. I observed the sway of her hips, which I'd never really noticed before. She was a little past her prime and not exactly my taste, but I remember thinking "Does she like me?" I somehow had the feeling she DID like me.

While I ate, I observed people at other tables around me. There was this one cute couple that REALLY looked like they were into each other. It wasn't that they were French-kissing in public, nothing like that. It was just something in the way they looked at each other that said "I wanna take you right NOW!" At another table, two businessmen were discussing business. Despite the appearances, though, I had a knack it was more than that. One of them was clearly gay, and was interested in the other one, who was oblivious to it. And right next to them, at another table, this teenage girl was eating by herself, reading a fashion magazine. The cover said (among other things) "5 new positions to drive him WILD!" Her dreamy and unfocused gaze told me she probably was reading that article, and getting a little excited from it.

I finished my meal, paid, and went back to work, still feeling queasy. That eventually passed, mid-afternoon. I got up from my desk and went to the kitchen area to get myself a coffee. While walking around, I began noticing that some (but not all) of my colleagues were actively flirting with each other. There was nothing unusual about their behaviour, it's just that I found myself picking up on it a bit more. I'm really not sure what it was.

So the day ended and I went back home. As was often the case, Minx was there, waiting for me. She watched me silently while I fed Cleopatra, then asked me how my day had gone.

"I'm not sure," I said. "I felt a little sick at lunch, but it got better in the afternoon."

"Ah. And did anything... unusual happen? Something must have happened!"

I was a bit puzzled at the question.

"Well, nothing happened per se, but I noticed some people were... excited. Maybe more than usual, or maybe I just happened to notice it."

Minx looked disappointed.

"That's it? That's pretty normal... I think."

"What do you mean?"

"You're developing sexual perception. That's so... baby-like."

"I don't understand..." I started, then interrupted myself. Yeah, I was STARTING to understand.

"Now that you know my name, you're going to have some... developments. Nothing that compares to what we faeries can do, but faerie sight is one of them. It means you can sense arousal levels in people."

Aah... Right. Sex sight. Just what I needed.

"So if people are horny, I'll know?" I asked.

"Oh yes, you'll know!"

"But will it affect me?"

She looked at me, not understanding the question.

"If they get horny, is that going to MAKE me horny?"

She thought about it for a second.

"I dunno... You're a guy! Aren't you ALWAYS a little horny anyway?"

"Well, that's true... but more than usual?"

She shook her head.

"No, silly, no more than usual. I told you, faerie magic doesn't have as strong effect on you as before, so having faerie sight won't give you sexual trouble."

She pointed at my crotch.

"If you want, I can prove it. I could use some magic on you, and you'll see the result."

I wasn't THAT curious, so I gently declined.

"So," I continued. "What ELSE can I expect from knowing your name?"

Minx just smiled.

"You just wait and see..."


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