Today, at lunch, I gathered all the courage I could muster and asked Lana on a date. I realize I'm going to look and sound confused, here, but bear with me.

The last few weeks have been very chaotic. The breakup with Meghan, the small crush I've had on Zuri (let's call a spade a spade, shall we?), the "improvements" on Jennifer that have haunted a few of my dreams, and the very real but oh-so-frustrating sessions with my boss Morgan -- all of this has been driving me (shall we say) a bit nuts. But amidst all this, Lana stands out as a normal, well-adjusted girl. She's not wild, she's not perfect, she's not a man's wet dreams -- she's just a pretty, normal, down-to-earth girl next door. She's friendly and accessible. She's not like Meghan, who was sexually aggressive and very much in charge; rather, she's sweet, discreet, and just playful enough to let me know she's interested without becoming controlling.

I think I could go for a girl like that. That's a bit how Mandy was a few years ago, BEFORE Attitude started playing tricks with her.

I'm picking Lana up tomorrow afternoon. We're not going for the usual movie-and-a-coffee thing, though. I told her it'd be a surprise. We're going ice skating a an indoors skating rink. From our earlier conversations, she's never done that. It'll be a good opportunity for me to hold her and help her along.

I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck!