...I still felt I should give you a few news update about the site.

First off, something to the Amaz0ns.com voters: guys, don't take these polls too seriously. I ask for advice, but that doesn't mean I'm going to take the results of the polls and go brain-dead about them. I haven't talked about WHY I was asking, and I feel you may be a little disappointed once you understand the reason for this poll.

I'm in discussions with some fantastic artists to create a members-only strip. Depending on the costs, I will vary the frequency of that strip, but it won't be less than once every other week. If membership floods in, it may go to weekly. Or more! (Obviously, that will also depend on the artists' availability.) And I'm using the poll to get an idea of what the strip should be about. Once enough strips have come out, I DO plan on releasing them as PDFs for a minimal cost, so even if you're not a member, don't despair!

I won't say the names of the artists yet, but once I have a few strips, I'll let it out. Suffice it to say that those I'm talking to have a GREAT reputation in the BE community... (Let the guessing begin!)

Take care, all!