Faeries have more than one trick in their bags. I've mentioned faerie dust in the past, which is something they use very regularly on us mortals. There are also faerie philters. I'm not entirely sure what those are made of (it's a closely guarded secret), but it's a very popular item with humans. In the olden days, witches used to steal philters from faeries, then sell them at outrageous prices to humans gullible enough to pay.

Philters, unlike faerie dust, don't have a physical effect. They affect the mind and emotions of the person who consumes it. Also, the effect isn't dictated by the person who drinks the philter, but by the person who offers it (openly or secretly). Typically, humans have used faerie philters to elicit love in other people, but that's not the ONLY option. It could be hate, distrust, lust, indifference... It could be used to make you forget someone (certainly, that'd be nice, after a tough breakup), or to make you remember someone you've forgotten.

Or, more straight to the point, it could make you lust for a certain girl any time she gets aroused. Or make that certain girl wildly aroused any time she can have sex with one or more persons in public.

Seriously? I mean, seriously??? This is all nice and sexy from where YOU'RE standing, I'm sure, but I'm the one unable to keep my hands off Meg in public places! It's just going to lead to some kind of arrest, sooner or later.

Unless someone out there has some extra philter in his hands, and is willing to part with it.

Please? Pretty please?