Some of our faithful readers may remember that around a month ago, I witnessed my boss Morgan having a little fun with her lady bits late at night at the office (when she probably thought no one was there watching). You may also recall that I had spotted some faerie dust on her keyboard when I inspected it (after she left, of course). Well, there's more about that story than I've shared with you.

My first thought was that it was either Attitude, or some other (new) faerie in the area. Attitude flat out denied it. She might have lied, but I didn't think so. So I thought it might be some wandering faerie, but those are hard to spot. So after a few days of fruitless investigation, I let the matter rest.

But Thursday night this week, there was a new lead in this case of The Mysteriously Owner-Less Faerie Dust! I was once again working late at night at the office, when I heard some female moaning coming from Morgan's office. I got up to check up on her, and my eyes bulged out at what I saw!

There she was, slouched forward in her chair, her blouse ripped open and her skirt hiked up to her waist. With one hand, she was mashing her rather substantial chest, the other rubbing her panties-covered crotch (she wears black undies, in case you care). Her head was jerking right to left as her frantic fingers pinched her nipples, or tried to push through her underwear. She was bucking her hips like she was out of control. Then she looked straight at me, like she had always known I was there, and calmly asked:

"What do you want?"

I blinked like an idiot, not knowing what to answer. She repeated her question. "What do you want?"

Then I realized she was sitting professionally behind her desk, just like always. No ripped blouse, no self-touching, nothing even remotely sexual going on. She was just reading some papers on her desk. I looked at her, blushing like an idiot. I hoped my erection wasn't as obvious as it felt.

"I... um... I'm gonna go," I stammered.

She nodded. "Okay." Then she went back to reading.

As I took my things to go home, wondering exactly what had happened, I noticed some faerie dust on MY keyboard, this time.