Friends, this is a sad day... For we are now (temporarily) done with the Tale of Sir Thane. He will continue making an appearance in the Members' Forums, but his days on the front page are, for the time being, over. The reason, mainly, is that I'm not sure I can maintain a great storyline with a lead male character. Sure, Thane is amusing, but there are only so many dick and banana jokes I can come up with. I think we'd also all enjoy ourselves a LOT more if the victim of a faerie's curse was a woman. (Though, as a male myself, I DO enjoy the idea of making women irresistibly lusty AND beautiful...)

And so, Bloomin' Faeries! soldiers on, and as of next week, we're introducing someone entirely new: Princess Heather. She's all female, very pretty, and definitely so mean, it's going to be a treat to see her being tortured by faeries. So here's my promise to you, hoping it'll help you forgive me for putting Thane to pastures: more nudity, more boobs, and more (tasteful) sex!

(And I can make this promise because with new artist W. Wondollar, we've already done a dozen strips for this new segment, and it's all good from where I'm standing!)

Hope you enjoy what's coming up. As always, don't be shy about leaving your comments, we're always open for good and constructive feedback.