In just a few days, all advertisement from Project Wonderful will cease on this site and we will be moving with ads from more adult networks (you may have already seen a couple of test ads running...). Let's face it, while there's no intercourse and blatant pornography on Bloomin' Faeries!, we aren't exactly your average family comic. We should swim in the deep end of the pool, not the kid's pool.

So starting this weekend, all ads will move to Black Label Ads. And with this, we expect a change in the flavor of the site. We're going to filter the ads to remove those that we feel are a bit too vulgar for the site. Please let us know if an ad TRULY doesn't belong on this site (bearing in mind that we do need some kind of revenue stream to keep the site going).

At the same time, we're working on a solution where anyone who WANTS to get rid of the advertisement may do so at a minimal cost. We're thinking that for $10 a year, you could get a limited membership that would ONLY remove the advertisement from the site, but not give you access to the Members' Area. Would you pay for that? Or would you prefer to "live with the ads"?

Either way, we hope you'll bear with us while we manage this change and make the best of the situation. It was, after all, only a matter of time... 🙂