You've probably never heard of faeweave, which is probably normal if you've never run into faeries before. And even if you've met a faerie, that still wouldn't be very surprising -- it's pretty scarce in general. Faeweave is a magical fabric made from white faerie hair. The thing is, faeries DON'T have white hair, unless they have a very erotic dream, in which case a single of their hair turns white and falls off.

Now I can hear you think -- these little vixens must have sex dreams all the time, considering the nasty pranks they play upon us humans. Allow me to correct you, if I may -- they don't. Sex and eroticism is something they do every hour of the day. It's their job. It's as natural and casual to them as blinking our eyes is to us. That means they seldom accumulate sexual tension that gets released at night.

Or so I'm told. I've never seen "Attitude" have sex or otherwise engage in erotic behavior. (Maybe that's what's going on at those wild squirrel-n-faeries parties I keep hearing about.)

Anyway, faeweave is rare and hard to find, but if you have enough to make certain articles of clothing, it can have interesting side effects on humans. It all depends on which part of the body it's connected to. For instance, near the head, it reduces inhibitions. Worn around the chest, it can have -- shall we say -- a positive impact on female breasts. Worn in the crotch area, well, it can be pleasant. VERY pleasant...

So, what is this really all about? It's a shameless plug for our CafePress store, where you can acquire great articles of clothing that contain REAL faeweave fabric, guaranteed to have that positive effect on that special someone in your life. Really. Trust us. Get it all while supplies last!