Regular readers may recall that I left a story thread untold a little over two months ago, right before the blog went on hiatus. I'd actually forgotten that I still owed you all that story, and it took an email from a reader for me to realize that. So, at last, here's what happened.

To put things back in context: I was afflicted by a flirting curse from Attitude, and was just recovering from laryngitis. I was on my way to catch a movie when I ran into Brooke and Roseanne coming out of the theater.

First, I now realize I was half-lucky. At the time, I still felt a bit weird about Brooke being a girl. That means my reflex was to turn to Roseanne (the "real" girl of the duo), and throw some kind of corny line at her. I don't remember the exact words, but it was some kind of teasing comment about her going to see a chick flick with another chick instead of me. And that the next time, she should call me, I'd gladly give her a pity date (I AM that generous, yes). Of course, as a professional stripper, she was used to being hit on, so she didn't take it really seriously. We exchanged some banter back and forth, playfully throwing in some sexual undertones, but nothing too nasty. It was just fun (and, I thought, funny).

But Brooke didn't quite take it that way. At the time, I thought the situation must have hit some weird female competitive vibe, and figured she probably felt left out of the banter. (Now I know better.) She stepped up and poked me in the chest, mockingly threatening. "Hey, buster, enough of that! That's my girlfriend you're hitting on! Keep this up, and we're going to have words."

That's when things derailed a bit. I made some playful comments about redheads not being smart enough to have many "words" to use (and the ones they know being pretty short anyway). She retorted (after a short pause and a whimper) that I wasn't much better, and as an editor, all I did was look over words from people with REAL talent. I feigned being stabbed in the heart, like I was mortally wounded, which drew a giggle out of her. We went back and forth for a few turns, until I noticed how turned on she was getting. Her nipples were thick and hard, and poking straight up at me. And the last straw happened when I pointed at those, with some comment like "Dude, careful where you point those things, you could poke someone's eye out with these!"

With a hot moan, she put her arms around my neck, and pushed her (oh-so-very) hot body against mine. Her nipples were drilling hard into my chest, and I think my own erection was crushed against her crotch. She lifted her face next to mine, smiled while trying to maintain her composure, and... kissed me sweetly on the cheek. "Thanks, pal," she said.

Then she turned to Roseanne, and, still hugely flushed and aroused, drew her into her embrace. "Okay, love, I'm SO primed, you have NO idea what I want to do to you! Let's go!"

So without so much of a goodbye, they just turned around, hailed a cab, and took off. I think I saw Roseanne wink at me as the taxi sped away. And that's when it dawned on me that I'd been played by Brooke, that she'd used the situation to get me to turn her on, so she'd have even greater sex with Roseanne.

So there's the story. Sorry it took so long to get it out there.