I just woke up this morning, feeling beside myself.

Which turns out to be exactly the problem. When I looked next to me, expecting to find a sleeping Mandy, I found... me! Sleeping.

"What the heck?!?"

And then I looked down at myself, and saw that I was wearing some sexy lingerie. And sporting a rack that could only belong to...

"Mandy!" I blurted out loud. "I'm frikkin' Mandy!" (Well, I didn't use "frikkin'," but I'm sure you get the point.)

My bedmate stirred, opened his sleepy eyes, and half-grinned.

"You sure did," he said, still half-asleep. Then his eyes popped wide open. "My voice! Wait! YOU! You're ME!"

I sighed. "Yeah, and you're me."

I have to run, no time to tell you more. Gotta go fix this!