There's an anime convention in town this weekend. Last night, there was a cosplay contest, and Fredrika had asked me earlier in the week if I could come, and even bring some friends, to help cheer for her. (Apparently, these contests aren't judged by a panel, but by the crowd itself.)

When I got to the conference hall, I called Fredrika to let her know I'd arrived, and for her to meet me in the main hall. When she met me, she was wearing this large overcoat that completely hid her costume. I could tell she wanted to surprise me with what was under it. I couldn't help but joke a little.

"You know, that coat thing is a little creepy. You ARE wearing something under this, right?"

She laughed, blushing a little.

"Come this way and find out."

We went to a more secluded corner of the hall, and with her back to the people wandering about, she dropped the coat.

Holy Mammaries, Batman! She was dressed as Matsumoto Rangiku, a rather... "racktastic" character from the anime series Bleach. Considering how modest Fredrika's chest is, I couldn't quite figure out how she had managed to turn herself from a small B-cup into... that! (Yeah, yeah, the costume was pretty well made, but seriously, that was some impressive cleavage.)

"Wow! That's some pretty impressive... work, right there."

She nodded, clearly happy with my reaction.

"It's amazing what a bit of padding and proper positioning will do, right?"

I realized I was staring at her breasts and tore my eyes to look up. "You really... look the part. Seriously, that's... all you?"

"Yes," she said. "Actually, the character is a bit... bigger. But that's all I could manage."

I kind of wished for a moment she'd been able to manage a little bit more, but hey, that was still pretty good.

"Okay, the contest starts in 5 minutes. I should... *oooh*"

She brought a hand to her head and steadied herself against the wall. She looked a little dizzy and confused. She was breathing a little heavily, which drew my attention to her chest once more. That's when I noticed she was growing... bigger in that area. It didn't last long, maybe 5-10 seconds, but she got big enough that I was very worried she was going to pop out of her kimono-thing.

Damn. These things were almost hypnotic, they were so big!

The dizziness seemed to pass. She looked around, a little confused but otherwise normal.

"Fredrika? Are you all right?"

She shot me an odd look. "Who's this Fredrika? My name is Matsumoto Rangiku, and I am a Shinigami! If you're done ogling me, I have a contest to attend -- and win!"

And with that, she moved past me and went up the stairs. I noticed it wasn't just her breasts that had grown, it was her whole figure that had somehow been changed.

It took me only a second to figure it out. I opened by left jacket pocket and looked inside. Yup, sure enough, there was Minx, one hand covering her mouth to suppress her childish giggle.

I really have to be more careful  what stuff I think or wish for, even if I think I'm alone. You never know when a faerie's going to overhear it and act on it...

Would it surprise you to learn that Fredrika won the contest?

(And yes, she returned to normal afterwards, and never quite realized what had happened to her body during the contest.)


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