Since I'd gathered so many phone numbers on Wednesday and I had nothing to do all day yesterday (suspension from work and all), I decided to call a few of them up and setup some coffee dates in the evening.

  • 18:00 Date with Lucy (perky blonde, dental hygiene assistant)
  • 19:00 Date with Marcie (also blonde, very thin waist, veterinarian)
  • 20:00 Date with Ingrid (brunette, accountant)
  • 21:00 Date with Veronica (beautiful blue eyes, boobalicious, law student)

The date with Lucy went well, but I don't think she liked the fact that I was flirting with our waitress very much. And when 7PM rolled around and I saw Marcie come in, I asked her if she wanted to stick around, but she just turned red, picked up her things, and left. Marcie thought it was funny and our date started on the right note. Even funnier was the way she TOO started flirting with our waitress, like she was playfully competing with me to be the most flirtatious. That was hilarious. And when Ingrid showed up, I asked her to sit with us, which she did. The three of us had a great time. So much so, in fact, that I admitted to them I had another date lined up for 9PM, but didn't feel like sticking around since these two were so much fun.

So we left minutes before Veronica showed up. That's too bad, she really DID have nice breasts... Would've been nice to stare at them some more...

Ah well. I ended up having a good night of fun with two sets of funbags that were nothing to scoff at.