Okay, here's a small recap of what's been happening lately (this is for those of you just joining us):

  • Still no news from Jennifer -- not surprisingly after I dry-humped her 2 weeks ago. I'm too embarassed to call, plus I wouldn't know how to explain what happened
  • My faerie roomie ("Attitude") is still MIA -- it's been a while since she's been gone THIS long. Wonder what she's up to...
  • My hand seems curse-free. I don't know what happened there, nor do I have any way of finding out
  • My ex Mandy has become a nun. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. (She looks DAMN good in that nun uniform, lemme tell you.)
  • My old boss is gone (I gave him a farewell crotch-grope), to be replaced by Miss Morgan Reiss -- holy MILF, Batman!
  • Antony and his new gay boyfriend ("Officer Frank") think I'm gay

It sounds to me like the stars are lining up all wrong, these days. Time to stop reacting and take charge. I'm the boss of my own life, the captain of my ship! This week, I'm hitting the bars with Brooke & Barrett. Gotta get together with some chicks, if only so I don't forget what they're like when they're not faerie-dusted or otherwise cursed by fay-magic.