Enough with the suspense, here's what happened on Sunday, AFTER Mandy noticed Meghan sitting by herself at a table on the ground floor.

As I said, she wasn't really alone. She was soon joined by Brooke, dressed in her unmistakable pick-up artist style. It used to good on her as a guy, it now looks even better on her as a chick. And that hot chick was now hovering again around my ex-girlfriend, Meghan. If you're just now joining us, you should know that I throw up a little in my mouth, these days, every time I think about Meg. And while I've moved on and forgiven Brooke for sleeping with her (as a guy) when she and I dated, my stomach sank low when I noticed the two together at Coffeehaus.

What the HECK was Brooke thinking?

Mandy and I observed the pair for a while. They just sat there, at the table, across from each other, occasionally sipping their coffee. They looked pretty casual to me, but after only a few minutes, Mandy leaned back in her chair and looked straight at me.

"They're lovers, obviously."

Yeah. Obviously.

Seriously, ladies, sometimes you just FREAK ME OUT, the way you read and interpret body language. There you have two chicks talking in a coffee shop, looking perfectly casual and natural, and you make these kind of statements. Isn't that a big leap? I certainly thought so.

"Not sure 'bout that," I replied. "They're just having coffee, and not even touching hands. Hecks, they're not even playing footsie, and I KNOW how much of a footsie-player Brooke is."

Mandy just stared back, like I was a bit daft.

"Seriously? You're NOT seeing it? Not at all?"

I shrugged. "There's nothing to see."

"All right, then I'm betting you one night of complete sexual servitude that before they leave, we'll have proof that I'm right!"

"You're on. You're TOTALLY on! Get ready to serve my every whim!"

"Not so fast, buster," she interrupted. She rose her cup of coffee. "Swear it on the Sacred Coffee!"

I rose my own cup. "I so swear."

And as we both put our cups down and returned our attention to the focus of our bet, we saw they had both moved their chairs next to each other, and were deeply kissing each other.


You all saw this coming, didn't you? I know I should have...