I've recently found a new place to hang out, a coffee shop called Coffeehaus. I've been going there for a few weeks to write up my scripts for the strips. The atmosphere is pretty hip. They have carpets, and tons of bookshelves with real books. Books from the 19th and 20th Century, covering all sorts of topics. And the place has two floors, and serves coffee at tables, unlike Starbucks. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly, and remember what you want when you're a regular.

This morning, I went there to write, accompanied by Mandy, who wanted to tag along to buy some fashion magazines. (She's not ACTUALLY into these magazines, she says; she just wants to make fun of the skinny models and silly quizzes they have.) I didn't mind her company, on the contrary. It was nice to have her there, especially because it gave me someone to bounce ideas off of for sexual gags. So we went to my usual table, on the second floor, in the corner, and I got to writing.

An hour or so into the writing process, she gasped and kicked me (gently) under the table.

"Jaycee! JAYCEE!!" she whispered with some urgency.

"Ow! Huh, what? What??"

She leaned toward me and frantically pointed her thumb in the direction of another table on first floor. I looked. There was this single girl sitting by herself, reading a fashion magazine. She wore some kind of large floppy cap, so I couldn't quite see her face.

"Jaycee, didn't you use to date this girl?"

Then I noticed the large camera bag by her side, and it all came flooding in.


"Oh, crap! You're right! Meghan-the-cheater!!! Erk... I was hoping never to see her again!"

I noticed there were two coffees on her table, which was odd.

"Looks like she's not alone," I said. "Maybe she's with her boyfriend."

Mandy shrugged. "Poor guy, she's probably cheating on him."

But we were both wrong. A few minutes later, a girl came out of the restroom to join her.

That girl was... Brooke!