It looks like I've hit that age where high metabolism is just a distant memory, and I've found that my weight has been creeping upward over the years.

Yesterday, I decided to take matters in my own hands and hit the gym before the damage would be too big to be easily reversible. I visited this pretty trendy little gym not far from work. The girl at the counter (Shannon) was a little skinny, but had a great smile. She gave me a very enthusiastic tour of the facilities, and before I even had made a decision, she asked me if I was going to pay by credit card. (It was said as a joke, but I rolled with it and asked her if she came as part of the package deal. Not that it had any effect on her, she probably gets that a lot...)

And this morning, armed with some embarrassingly ugly gym clothes and a lot of misplaced enthusiasm, I started my training. Mostly, it was just cardio. I thought I'd go for a good 60 minutes on the treadmil, but soon found out my heart had other ideas. I stopped after 15 minutes and went to sit on a machine to take a breather. It also gave me an opportunity to observe people (especially the girls). I remember watching some movies where the underlying assumption was that people went to the gym hoping to score, but I was surprised to see how un-sexual the gym is to women. Most of them were completely uninterested in meeting anyone. They really didn't seem to feel very sexy (well, not counting this rather thick-limbed, broad-shouldered girl in the free weights, but that's probably due to excessive male hormones).

I'm curious, actually: for those of you who go to the gym, do you find yourself more or less sexy when you train? Also, when looking at members of the opposite sex (or same sex, if you swing that way), do you find it sexy to watch them train, or not really?

Just curious...


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