Today, we're celebrating 1 year of faerie mischief!

It was precisely a year ago that the first strip was published. So 52 strips later, here we are, alive and well. We've seen strips by two artists (RRPennell & W. Wondollar) as well as dozens of illustrations by over a dozen different artists. We've gone through a complete revision of the website's look and functionalities, went through issues with advertisement and yet prevailed.

After a 4-week hiatus, we're back with more energy and content than ever. So what's been happening in the last 4 weeks, and what's in store for the site? Here are a few of the goodies in store for the coming future:

  • Special, members-only comics
  • A new forum for members to exchange ideas on BF!
  • Regular blog updates (featuring more characters than ever)
  • New BF! products (PDFs, books, misc. merchandises)

We're privileged to have you returning to visit us every week and we're more committed than ever to giving you more sexy content every week.

Thanks, everyone!