To all our American readers, I'd like to wish a happy 4th of July! I'm leaving the Comments section open so you can share with the rest of us what you'll be doing today to celebrate America!

Me, I'm spending the day with Meghan. We had dinner (at the Indian Place) last night and worked things out. What did I tell her? How did I explain the week-long silence on my part? I lied, of course! No way I could tell her about the faerie philters, curses, and other strangeness! I just told her I thought things were moving too fast, and that the feelings I had scared me a little. Brooke always tells me girls dig it when you talk about your feelings and sound vulnerable, so I took a page from his playbook and tried it. Plus, it wasn't a complete lie. I am a little scared of the relationship. Just not for the reasons that she may think. She said she understood, then set the record straight--she doesn't plan on marrying me, or bearing my children, or changing her last name for me. She's a day-to-day girl. I disappear from her life for a few days--she moves on. I come back? She greets me with open arms.

So it looks like we're back "together," if that means anything. She's okay with me taking it slow. And today, we're going to take it as slow as we can. Inside. With blu-ray movies and popcorn. Just the two of us, alone. Making our own fireworks, if you catch my drift.

Y'all have a great day now!