It's time to take yet another break from fantasy-land and talk a little bit about the site.

The first anniversary of Bloomin' Faeries! is almost upon us, and it's with immense pride that I've seen the comic grow from a modest, 100-soul readership to over 10,000 enthusiastic readers. And now, the Harvey Awards are upon us, and I feel like it's time to call upon the Horny Horde that stands at our gates to help us a little with the promotion of the comic.

So here's how you can help:

  1. Visit the Harvey Awards website
  2. Download the ballot
  3. Nominate us in the following categories:

#1) Best Writer - Jaycee Knight / Bloomin' Faeries!

#2) Best Artist - W. Wondollar / Bloomin' Faeries!

#8) Most Promising New Talent - Jaycee Knight / Bloomin' Faeries!

#8) Most Promising New Talent - W. Wondollar / Bloomin' Faeries!

#18) Best Online Comics Work - Jaycee Knight / Bloomin' Faeries!

We're hoping we can count on you to help us promote the comic a bit. Even if we don't win, I'd be immensely proud to make it on any ballot. I hope you an help us make this happen!