I was able to find and talk to Minx today.

I don't know where she was hiding, but she was just there when I came back from work. She just flew up to my face and looked at me threateningly, her arms folded across her chest.

"And what have we learned?" She unfolded her arms.

"Huge!" I immediately commented. "Big difference! I can totally see it!"

I was lying through my teeth, but hoped she couldn't see that. And as luck would have it, she was pleased by the comment and didn't pick up on my lie. Good thing, too, because I suspect I would've been even more punished.

So just like that, it's over. She's back to living in her tiny cupboard apartment, just like before, as if nothing had ever happened.

Now, I just need to track Mandy and get her back in here, and all can return to normal.

Where IS she anyway...