Last week, I questioned Minx to learn more about the history of faeries as well as the bad blood there is between them and humans. Bear in mind the following is a junior faerie's opinion on the matter and it may be inaccurate in many ways. But perhaps it will help better understand how they feel about us.

ME: I've been meaning to ask you something. Attitude would never answer me this, but I hope you will.

MINX: Okie. Whatcha wanna know?

ME: Why do faeries hate humans so much?

MINX: Oh, THAT. Because we love you so much, s'why.

ME (after a pause): Not the answer I was expecting. But if I think about it, that's an almost-human answer... We did something really bad, didn't we?

MINX: Yup. You enslaved and killed lots of us.

ME: Well, if you tortured humans the way Attitude did me, I can imagine my ancestors would have gotten upset and--

MINX (frowning): No! That's a silly notion! We LOVE humans, we almost can't help--

Attitude arrived just at that moment and put a hand on Minx's mouth.

ATTITUDE: Minx, you SHUSH now! I don't care how much you like your human, you do NOT share our history with them.

MINX: MmffF?

ME: C'mon, Attitude, you don't need to hide things from me. I'm not your enemy...

She glared at me and pointed a threatening finger.

ATTITUDE: YOU of all people better stay away from me! I may not be allowed to curse you anymore, but if you don't want to be sexually assaulted by every person you meet in the street, you'll back off.

ME: Whoa, all right, all right, I hear you. I just thought--

ATTITUDE: Don't THINK! That's how you humans get into TROUBLE. A little feeling wouldn't hurt you, from time to time.

And with this, she let Minx go and flew away. I looked at my little faerie friend and saw tears welling up in her eyes.

MINX: I'm rilly sorry, Jaycee.

And she flew away.