It'd been a while since Morgan had had a meltdown in front of me. This morning, it happened again.

It was a bit before the mid-morning coffee break. I was about to get up to get my morning IV shot of caffeine when she casually passed by my desk and asked for my help with some stationery inventory. I was impressed by how nonchalant she was acting considering the signs of arousal she was displaying beneath her clothes. And of course, as I was getting excited (not my fault, I swear!), so was she. So we went away, and the moment we were away from view, she pushed herself against me, straddling my thigh with her damp crotch.

"I've seen the way you look at me," she whispered in my ear, grabbing one of my hands and pushing it against her chest. She was breathing heavy, like she'd run a mile. "You should see what's under all this..." she continued, pulling at the collar of her woolen shirt.

I stayed silent, but I knew I had to get out of there quickly before it degenerated. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall, my chest still pressed to hers. I took her free hand and brought it to her lips. She knew her cue and sucked on the tip of her fingers. I used my other hand and lifted her skirt. She didn't need any more prompting. Wet fingers snaked their way down and slipped between her thighs. She gasped for air.

I turned her around so she would face the wall. That didn't interrupt her one second (which was the plan). As she stood there, eyes closed in rapture, her chest and face pushed against the wall, her butt jutting out, I knew she had begun her business and wouldn't stop no matter what. So I did what any man in my situation would do, and quickly exited the stationery storeroom. She heard me leave and called out my name, but I was out of there already.

Through the door, I could hear her squeal and curse, and knew she wouldn't be chasing me. She was WAY too revved up -- but I'd probably pay for this later.

No problem. Lana comes first. But how long will I be able to dodge Morgan?