This morning, while I was in the bathroom making myself pretty for the day, Minx flew up to my face, beaming with joy.

"Look!" she shouted, posing sexily in front of my nose. She took a deep breath, waiting for my answer.

"Um... ah..." I wasn't sure what she wanted me to say. "I don't... know... No, you don't look fat in that outfit?"

She folded her arms and frowned.

"No, silly, LOOK!"

I swear, I couldn't see anything different! Then she explained it all:


And here comes my mistake: with one hand, I pulled Mandy's magnifying lamp between us and had it focus on Minx's chest. Even thusly augmented, it didn't look any different.

"Are you sure?"

Minx's face turned bright red, and I suddenly realized what I'd just said. She glared at me for what felt like an eternity, then quickly zipped out of view.

I can't believe I did that!