If Attitude was a faerie name, that would be her name.

"My" Faerie... If Attitude was a faerie name, that's what we'd call her.

I realize I've been talking about "my" faerie for a while, but didn't really describe her. I think it's high time you all get a good look at her, in all her sexy and wicked glory. And since faeries are very elusives (you can't "capture their image using crude, man-made scrying devices," as mine says), all I can offer is a picture drawn by a pal of mine (Justin).

You'll instantly notice she doesn't look very "medieval fantasy" (like the one in the strip). Of course she doesn't. She lives in the modern day. With all of the Barbie doll lingerie collections at her disposal, why would she settle for minimalist silk and jewelry?

What she's wearing now is what she wore to an exclusive squirrel-n-faeries party last night. She was kind enough to pose for Justin, on the condition he gets a mild 24-hour curse following the posting of this image. I'm not sure I should be telling you this, but every time you look at the full picture (not just the thumbnail), it will make Justin climax. Doesn't matter where he is, or what he's doing. My guess is, he's locked himself in his flat for the next day, and is lying in bed, bracing for impact.

So Justin, thanks for taking one for the team. The daily traffic here is over a thousand visits a day. Folks, I'll ask that you be reasonable and ONLY look at the thumbnail. For Justin's sake.


P.S.: just this once, I'll leave the Comments section below open. Please be careful and respectful in your comments. There are faeries out there listening in and judging. Always judging...