If you've read my last post, you know that in a few weeks, Bloomin' Faeries! is going back to a weekly publishing schedule. You also know I mentioned a members-only series drawn by Wondollar, with no less than 2 strips a month. It's finally time to start talking a bit more about what that strip is going to be about.

Wondollar and I exchanged about it a bit and came up with a concept we're very excited about. The working title is Bloomin' Studio! and it features the people who work behind the scenes to bring you the Bloomin' Faeries! strip. Imagine for a moment that the characters in the strip are played by (or inspired by) real-life characters; this is what Bloomin' Studio! will talk about. (And yes, yours truly is one of the characters in that strip, but not the main character.) This story will start as the studio interviews a new actress, Scarlet, for the role of Princess Heather (the previous actress has resigned—go figure!).

And yes, there will be faeries in that world as well.

This will start September 1. Get ready... 🙂

"I'm doing it."