Did I mention that my phone has gone from iPhone to full-featured erotic toy? Just recently, it'd become this loud and graphic device, which was bad enough, but now, whoever messed with it turned the vibration function to the max. The result? A bit embarassing...

Let me start at the beginning...

I was at home on Wednesday, minding my own business. The phone was in its protective case, in my right pocket, since I carry it around when I'm at home. It's really the ONLY time I have it with me, because of the porn display on the lock screen and the loud, screaming orgasms that have replaced its ringtone. I was cooking myself dinner when it suddenly started ringing. But it didn't just ring, it vibrated. Not that little standard, wimpy vibration that cell phones have, no siree! This was the REAL vibration, strong and deep and cranked up to ELEVEN! Right next to my very large erection!

And just like that, before I had time to dig it out of my pocket, I was on my knees, having... um... the time of my life, I guess.

And with each loooong, powerful vibration, I came. I had NO IDEA who was calling, but it was almost a minute before he or she gave up. (Turns out it was Mandy, but I only found that out later.)

Of course, that wasn't the end of it. Last night, we had a videogames party at my place, with Jennifer and Jed, Roseanne and Brooke, and Mandy. I'd hid the phone (wrapped in cloth) in a deep drawer, so no one would hear it, of course. The party went without a hitch and everybody had a great time. By midnight, only Brooke and Roseanne were left. On a whim, I decided to check if I had any messages, and discovered my phone gone! Shite! I raced to my regular phone (yeah, I'm antiquated that way, I have a land line!) and dialed it up. It rang!

And from Brooke's crotch came a LOUD vibration, and sounds of screaming female ecstasy. Sounds which were quickly echoed by Brooke's own moans. She flung her hands at her crotch, realizing this was a BAD idea, but she was quickly too far gone to fish the thing out by herself. She was soon on her back, having squirming orgasms, and I watched (mouth agape) for four or five rings before it dawned on me to hang up.

Roseanne's only comment was something like "I just love to see that girl cum." Quickly followed by a muttered "Gotta get me one of those."