Antony and Officer Frank had a big palooza at their place tonight, and I was invited. It'd been a long time since we'd gotten together, and with the chaos of my life recently, I thought it'd be great to change crowds for a while. (I keep some of my groups of friends separate for just that occasion -- Antony & Frank aren't in the same circles as Brooke, Barrett, Meghan, and the wilder people I've been hanging out with of late.)

I ran into Jennifer there, whom I hadn't see in a few months. Jenn and I are like that. We're like brother and sister, and love each other dearly, but we can go for long stretches without hearing from each other.

Of course, in this particular instance, our radio silence has more been the result of some embarassing behavior on my part, so that's a different story. I've just realized it's been FOUR MONTHS since we've actually seen each other!!!

There's no way to get around it: Jennifer has... grown. She was barely an A-cup when we last met, except at that BBQ party incident, where faerie dust gave her a set of knockers that would have made Mandy pale with envy. That was just temporary, though, and she quickly returned to normal. But now... Man! The girl is STACKED. She's a D-cup or bigger! And it's not just the boobs, mind you. There's something about the way she carries herself that exudes self-confidence and sexuality.

Anyway, we did talk a bit. When she saw me, she gave me a great big hug (oooh, soft...) and said how glad she was that I was there. She didn't mention any of my inappropriate orgasms from our last meeting. Instead, she noticed how my eyes kept darting down at her chest and asked, "You like?"

"Like what?" I said, feigning innocence.

"Yeah. Whatev'. You like me for my personality, right?"

"Always, you know that."

We exchanged a mix of banter and pleasantries for a while, then were interrupted by some hunk that brought her a drink.

"Jed," she said, "this is Jaycee. Jaycee, Jed. Jed likes me for my personality too," she said, laughing with her eyes.

Damn, I thought. She's not my "little sis'" anymore.